5 Minutes of Truth Archive

Who Is God?
How Did Everything Begin?
All That's Good
Be Filled with Gratitude
The God of Peace
New Testament Reliability
New Testament Reliability
New Testament Reliability
Why Should Christians Read?
The God of Jacob
Appropriate Uses of God's Law
How Should Believers Handle Fear?
Training Up the Covenant Youth
What is Family Worship?
How to Walk With God
Claiming God's Peace
Who Am I?
Answering 3 Common Objections to Serving God
Help for the Abused
Jesus, Closer Than A Brother
Martin Luther's Simple Way to Pray
Keep Things in Perspective
Learn to Be Bored
A Better "Mea Culpa"
Know Who You Are
What Does Jesus Expect From Us?
Don't Silence God's Word
What Scripture Says
Are You A Praying Man?
The Simplicity of the Gospel and Waking in Heaven
Your minister needs your help!
God meant "this" for good?
Learning from Joshua Harris' apparent apostasy
Christian Management
Can I be a Christian at Work?
How to Parent Positively
How Can Children Obey Their Parents?
Men, love your wives!
Should Wives Submit?
Is there hope for my relationships?
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